All are welcome irrespective of experience.

art by Sara Shakeel

E = mc². You may remember this from grade school that matter and energy are equivalent and that the amount of pure energy contained within even the smallest of objects is staggering. Now, imagine the amount of pure energy contained within the body-mind apparatus! It is this energetic principle that we leverage to expand and evolve—not that we need to be “better,” for we are fine just as we are. We need only to abide in our essence nature to experience that truth. But this can be an understandably Herculean effort within the context of deeply-rooted social-conditioning and a complex nervous system which triggers the body-mind into fight or flight mode on a nearly constant basis (i.e. anxiety, stress, false sense of separation and isolation, etc.).

With spiritual technology, we may come to expand our awareness of the nature of reality and evolve our state of consciousness, really the entire body-mind apparatus, to one that is more cosmic in orientation and thus far less contracted. Yoga, as commonly practiced in the West, having been appropriated from India, became divorced from its cultural context and fragmented with the cherry picking of the practices that were more palatable to the Western-conditioned mind. Our task is to begin to reintegrate several aspects of authentic yogic and classical Tantrik practices from the Himalayas. Every class is a journey and every journey may include some combination of the following:

⚭ Kriyā (the yoga of energy/electricity)
⚭ Meditation
⚭ Philosophy
⚭ Prāṇāyāma (often referred to as “breathwork”)
⚭ Haṭha-Vinyāsa

Wisdom is the thread that links all aspects of a journey together, and every journey is welcoming, inclusive, and without judgment. All are welcome irrespective of experience.