40-Day Kriyā Sādhanā

"Reveal thyself; reveal thyself."
—Paramahansa Yogananda

Awaken your inner mystic.

We begin our journey together with a 40-day immersion in the sacred wisdom and tantrik technology of the Himalayas. Kriyā (क्रिया), in this context, indicates empowered spiritual action that is the natural consummation of firstly icchā (self-expression) and secondly jñāna (self-knowledge) through yoking the body-mind, breath, and energy. In practicing kriyā, in refining our energetic system and consciousness, we progress towards organically connecting with our innate being. Kriyā is not a belief system but rather experiential.

The immersion can be delivered privately or as a small group, in-person or online.

The immersion includes

  • Orientation
  • Dinacaryā (daily routines/rituals)
  • Sādhanā (personal practices)
  • Online community forum

Following the initial 40-day sādhanā, you will be able to avail yourself of progressively more complex tantrik practices, including greater energetic and subtler kriyā initiations, mantras, meditation, and conscious rituals.